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what is a biosketch: A Biosketch is a short summary of one or two paragraphs of DIR. A complete biography contains all aspects of a person’s character, life, and accomplishments, while a biographical sketch is much shorter and more specific. A BioSketch should inform the reader about the person and give them a general sense of the person’s character. Your sketch gives the reader information about you and can be used as a professional development tool.

Warning: This may be one of the toughest tasks you’ll need to do lately. Writing a biographical sketch requires polished and developed writing skills, but also a focused self-analysis with a professional and effective presentation of this analysis.

Gather Information About You: The Individualized Learning Plan helps you to identify the items that you want to include in your Biosketch.

what is a biosketch

Make an “effective” presentation of yourself: this brief document will present and “market” you in an absolutely honest way. This is your personal branding marketing tool that can make a good first impression. It should grab the reader’s attention, get the reader to know more (and in the case of residency programs, that he wants to meet with you).

Imagine, as if your reader has never met you. Add a) your name; b) your educational level (WHO 1, 2, etc.); c) Your recent achievements (do not list them, describe them verbally); d) write in a third-person perspective because people describe them using their sketch language and use that perspective (a good biographical summary indicates that “Jane Smith is a third grader in PNWU” no “I’m a third year of medicine in PNWU “).

Keep it up-to-date: If you’ve written a good summary a year ago, make sure it’s been updated and that it still matches your current identity.

Do not use more than two paragraphs, each with a maximum of six sentences. Use the answers to your ILP questions as a guide to reflection. You do not really want to list your weaknesses, but you realize that you are looking for ways to fill gaps in your workouts. what is a biosketch best

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