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As a matter of importance, we have two companions, SI Padmanabhan Pillai, also known as Pappan (Tovino Thomas) and cop citizen Joy (Balu Varghese), for some reason exposed the two, assuming some strange commitments, their problems too to solve. Looking at them all, rolling out a problem leads to a much bigger problem. Tharangam is about the couple’s adventure to take care of their eternal summary of the problems.

As in the case of Tharangam, the film has consolidated the components of the imagination with the plot and the whole film, so we see the executive Arun Dominic strive to paint different parts of life. What makes the movie a ghost is Arun Dominic’s effort to provide the characters with subtle elements. It seems to have given the characterization of the characters, in contrast to history, an equal or greater importance. Whether by Pappan, Joy, Omana or Malini, each of the attributes that make them unique. Another area in which Tharangam conquers our hearts is the extent of eccentricity offered by the film. In the midst of all these great approaches some dark tones flew with endless constants. While preinterina’s session was undoubtedly a nice trip, after the interim, it was an alternate story. With successive discrepancies they brought us into the time of droll funny circumstances. Tharangam has also delayed us not to maintain interest in the latest packages. While the launch seemed sufficient, they had the opportunity to leave by minor changes, it would have been surprisingly better performance.

As far as the exhibits are concerned, the film featured a decent line-up of specialists who are new and lively. Tovino’s show in Pappan underlines once again the kind of skills you have while Balu Varghese exceeded expectations in his punches. Neha Iyer completed an incredible activity since Omana and Tharangam really boast this character could be seen on the screen. The situation was comparable with Shanthi Balachandran. Whether Shammi Thilakan, Manoj K Jayan, Dileesh Pothen, Vijayaraghavan and all, everyone loved the big screen with some amazing exhibits.

In specialized perspectives, the film was largely based on the example of history and Arun Dominic gave the all credit to cover the final details, but was far from leaving. Ashwin Renju’s music has been paired with the mood of the film, while Deepak Menon D completed a great job when using the camera. all but given its wide range of shortcomings, Tharangam should be praised for their efforts.

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