Ram Gopal Varma’s First Short Film Meri Beti | Sunny Leon in 2017

The film is about a young woman who needs to be a porn star but is severely restricted by her parents. The discussion in the space between the tutors and the girl goes through Sunny Leone and examines the questions of individual decisions, concealment and opportunities. Basically, it is a person’s decision to continue to exist in their own way.

Smash Gopal Varma made a movie called Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon. He took Chutki (Antara Mali), a young community who wants to share the floor and imitate the realization of the screen of his divine object, Madhuri Dixit. He shares his wish with his parents only to discover that they have plans for special arrangements that will lead to a coordinated marriage and certainly no film career.

He presents a discussion in the living room of a normal working-class family in which the girl’s family (Naina Ganguly) recently raised her parents (Makarand Deshpande and Divya Jagdale) in their expectation, especially as a pornographic star like Sunny. (It does not matter that Leone stopped being an adult character years ago). The guards and the girl have a stubborn struggle for sexuality, pornography, women, society and everything that happens when Sunny Lee’s name is repeated in one sentence.

The film tries to confirm that any prejudices and judgments associated with choosing a person should be avoided. While it is a good attempt to look at society through an alternative crystal, it also solves some precarious problems. For example, the RGV short film shows marriage as meaningless sexual intercourse between two people. These are some of the highlights of RGV KurzfilmDisk 2003. This was in 2017, and Varma was refreshed to enter a short film called Meri Beti Hai called Sunny Leone Banna Chahti.

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