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Botanical name: Biophytum sensitivum Linn. Family: Oxalidaceae SANSKRIT SYNONYMS: Viparita lajjalu, Jhulapushpa, Peethapushpa PLANT NAME IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES English: Biophytum Hindi: Lajjalu, Lakshmana Malayalam: Mukkutti

PLANT DESCRIPTION: One slender erect annual, leave abruptly pinnate, leaflets opposite, 6-12 pairs, each terminal pair remains the largest flowers. yellow with many peduncles and fruits ellipsoid capsules. MEDICINAL PROPERTIES Plant pacifies vitiated kapha, pitta, wounds, abscesses, urinary calculi, asthma, stomachalgia. Useful part: The whole plant


Biophytum sensitivum: also recognized as little tree plant. This is a species from the plant in the Oxalidaceae family including in the genus Biophytum.

Mukkutti Benefits

  1. These leaves are ground and sold along with buttermilk for diarrhea. These seeds ground with water including applied over wound plus ulcer. The samoolam of this plant or the whole plant is ground. Mixed with honey also given for a cough. chest congestion etc. Following delivery, the leaves from this plant along by jaggery is cooked furthermore given to the delivered ladies to expel the lochia and remains of the uterus. This paste of the leaves means applied over burns moreover contusions.

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