Kammara Sambavam Review | One of the best by Dileep


Above all, ‘Kammara Sambhavam’ has two sections that guide you through two variants of a lone story. The main difference you can see is that you become “reality” and the other “story”. The meeting between a gathering of bipedal creatures (of course, we call them humans) ended in the study of the life of ‘Kammaran Nambiar’ (Dileep). Their efforts to restore their history lead them in an abnormal way. A related film producer, Pulikesi (Bobby SImha), is always on site. In fact, the production of its story offers a path to “history”. The way of leaving a mark in the world is over when an order of lies has come to a false correspondence with the truth. In addition, you must, most importantly, understand what the “fact of the matter” is. In real history, we have Othenan (Siddharth), an advocate of flexibility and a wild warrior for the ILP (Liberation Party of India). There you will see Kammaran, a weak man, though he is smart (if you call him that). Kammaran, with his tendency to deceive others, gets what he wants.

In this line ‘Kammara Sambhavam’ learns the other variant of the story. In this “story” Kammaran has a superhuman figure. You will see this man who is a definitive image of an alpha machismo. “Othenan” is the other side of what he was in “real” history. In fact, you will see every “reality” character that reflects his identity in terms of “history”. As always, the content of Murali Gopi is loaded with an array of complex, seated components. In conclusion, we should not examine your legislative problems here. The film, however, gives him a sensible political image. By removing two political wings, the content of “Kammara Sambhavam” offers an alternative alternative. In fact, this is the same as the alternatives, and it is not better either. The content tries to support Gandhiji and Subhash Chandra Bose alike.

As mentioned earlier, ‘Kammara Sambhavam’ is more than parody. Surprisingly, there is also a component of satire. Throughout the film, there is a constant struggle between different classes. A battle for control makes up the structure of the content of this film. The person who discovered how to adapt to the change rose in triumph. After all, the story is made up of champions. The content of “Kammara Sambhavam” skilfully draws a line between real history and “history”.

Chief Rathish Ambat completed a skilled job by showing the content in a drawing on the way. Well, if you really ask me if the movie was connected enough to last three hours, I have to give a common reaction. There were parts that could have been kept away to make a superior film while looking at the background. But they contain a film within the idea of ​​the film, some sections could have been cut out, if they had really planned to show the film for the group of viewers of that time. Apart from that, this movie moves intensely in the visual experience that brings to the table. The extraordinary visual effects, combined with a considerable amount of shading conditioning, have translated into a productive adventure. The work of VFX was far superior to the typical meters of the Malayalam canvas.

The interpretation office, which has several well-known names, could fulfill the ritzige portfolio. Whether Dileep or Siddharth, or another craftsman in this regard, has a great opportunity to show the two sides of a lonely character. In addition, all have survived the test very well.


A farce, parody and intermittent movie, however, “Kammara Sambhavam” must be increased by the type of treatment that has been proposed. Apart from a long presentation, there were not many problems with the film. However, this is certainly not tea for everyone. Gradually, how about Napoleon? The historical backdrop of ‘Kammaran’ is also an established set of lies; like, many other incredible characters …!

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