Himalayathile Kashmalan Malayalam Movie | Where is it ?


The film newcomer Abhiram Suresh Unnithan presents newcomers Jince Bhasker, Anand Manmadan, Chandhunadh Anoop Ramesh, Dheeraj Denny, Rahul, Bala Govind, Bibin Suhail Ram and Ibrahim Primary. Oddly enough, the blade has the slogan Oru mandanmaarude Kadha Stack (Number of seizures) over 52 newcomers Mollywood. Himalayathile Kashmalan portrays several episodes when three young people in one village or one village help their partner. The story he creates with them deceives the absurd villagers. The parody film of behavior is a perfect interpreter without any bilateral connotations or unpleasant exchanges.

Although Himalayathile Kashmalan is an interpreter of inexpensive, near spineless, all Internet users have been praised for the extraordinary motion propaganda praising the main characters. The release was announced by promising star Tovino Thomas, who appreciated the hard work of a youth meeting. After approval, it leaned through the web-based network and effectively increased the desires of the group of viewers.

Co-created by Nandu Mohan, Anand Radhakrishnan and Arunima Abhiram Unnithan under the banner of the Moon movie, Himalayathile Kashmalan hopes to reach the screens in the second 50% in 2017.

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