An Old Movie Teaser | Sunday Holiday | Asif Ali and Aparna


Sunday Holiday will be a romantic comedy but not a typical romantic comedy. Asif Ali plays a character called Amal. Sunday Holiday also stars Sreenivasan Alancier, Siddique, Dharmajan, Nirmal plays an important role in the film.

After the completion of the comedy thriller Bicycle Thieves (2013), the bosses Jis Joy and Asif Ali will hold for Sunday Holiday, an absolutely satirical topic. The film, which will be filmed from now on, shows an exceptionally sensitive chain of feelings that is no longer the same as we’ve seen lately, says the executive. The sentimental point in Sunday Holiday is unmistakable, but it’s extremely abundant, much like Tamil films like Veyil and Engeyum Epothum,” says Jis. Asif Ali is seen in the movie as the romance of Aparna Balamurali. As the boss suggested, another highlight of the film is the layered narrative. “The story continues in two rounds, one about an episode that takes place on a particular Sunday, while the rest takes the life of an ace of the group and their son, played by Alancier and Asif Ali,” says Jis Joy.

Sunday Holiday also has the executive branches Lal Jose, Siddique, Sreenivasan and Asha Sarat take significant parts. “In fact, Lal Jose and Sreenivasan were impressed with the narrative approach in layers,” says Jis. He concludes that Siddique plays an extremely funny character in the movie. “His character is extremely entertaining, he plays Nakutty Varayalveli, a hands-free right-hander who impresses us with his show of fun,” says Jis Joy.

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